History of Australia 3.0

Australia 3.0 was first held in 2011 with equal representation of industry, research, government and academia. This innovation program tackled issues of significance to drive national productivity in the Digital Economy, and to develop outcomes with actionable initiatives.


2013 Digital transformation




Digital transformation is already causing massive structural impact in many industries, most notably evident in some high-profile sectors such as banking and finance, media, retailing and music distribution. These are not one-offs. The pace of digital transformation effects will continue even more aggressively into the near future, accelerated by ubiquitous high-speed broadband and ever improving smart mobile devices.

Organisations that win in the digital era are planning and delivering enabling technologies right across their business models and they are reinventing their business models as they go. Information and telecommunications technologies have changed how we can design our organisations. As well, in recent years digitalisation and global connectivity are changing the way we work, learn and live making this the most strategic shift in how our economy works. It will also be one of the major thrusts to reverse the recent sizeable reduction in our productivity.

Innovative use of technology proposals are most likely to be accepted by a leadership team and a governing body (ie board) who comprehend and actively engage in digital leadership. Senior executives and board members who not only understand but also engage with the concepts of the digital future, recognise their potential to increase and improve our nation’s competitiveness. Leadership teams who are digital-savvy are almost always consummate business leaders, well versed in all of the critical disciplines required to build and run a successful enterprise. Digital leadership is not confined to the executive teams; the opportunity to innovate is driven out into the organisation.

Australia 3.0 selected four streams to examine what the obstacles to digital transformation are within each of these sectors.

A team of ‘thought leaders ’, drawn from each stream, has been assembled to articulate their views on the digital economy and its intersection with organisations in each stream. This team will identify and document their views in relation to the gaps or obstacles to the adoption of technology, policies governments should contemplate to facilitate this digital transformation, what industry itself can do to address the challenges, plus many more issues. These documents will be the baseline for an on-line discussion and debate in May through July this year. The Australia 3.0 committee is already reaching out to industry associations in these four verticals to engage their membership in these discussions.

Australia 3.0 represents a unique opportunity for informed and action-oriented debate about how the Australian economy can react to the age of digital transformation and positively shape future productivity and competitiveness. You cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to be part of this process.

Acknowledgement to Mark Toomey “The Infonomics newsletter” and his writings on Digital leadership & Digital Transformation


2012 Driving Productivity

In 2012 Australia 3.0 was expanded to include a Virtual Round Table discussion during the four weeks leading up to the Forum. This inaugural online collaboration provided a secure, private space for Australia 3.0 participants to submit opinions, research, suggestions, and documents. These discussions then feed into the one day Forum which was again held during the day prior to the iAwards Gala Dinner.

The four nominated economic sectors selected for collaborative efforts to develop new solutions in 2012 were:

  • Mining and Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Government Services
  • Agriculture

Once again over 150 invited ICT professionals contributed to the findings and recommendations which were then shared in the Rapporteur’s Report Aust 3.0 2012. These finding have already lead to partnership and innovation within the Mining & Resources sector and Australia 3.0 is planning for even greater influence in 2013.

2011 Innovation and Productivity

How will the Digital Economy transform Australia’s productivity and sustainability?

How can Australia better harness the potential of Innovation, underpinned by ICT capabilities (across industry, academia, research and government) to maximise its contribution to Australia’s society and economy?

The key themes and outcomes from this forum were delivered in the Rapporteur’s Report Aust 3.0 2011. This report was shared with the Forum participants and made available to key commentators and to people in industry, government and the research/academic community.

2011 iAwards Australia 3.0 invite


Approximately 150 invited ICT professionals, examined two key national topics during the one day forum, held in Melbourne prior to the iAwards Gala Dinner.